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5 Effective Home Remedies For Hemroids

Home Remedies For HemroidsHave you heard the name of hemroids? It is such a medical problem about which very few people want to talk about. However it is not very uncommon, but still we hesitate to tell others about this problem. Hemroids is a part inside our anus and its main purpose is controlling the stool.

These hemroids can be internal and external both. When it gets infected by any mean then people say it as they have hemroids. After getting infected they start bleeding whenever we use toilet. Various conditions may cause hemroids including disease like diarrhea, due to old age, staying long time in sitting position, too much heat and due to pregnancy too. Anything or any activity that puts pressure on rectum can cause hemroids. There are some home remedies too besides medicines that can be used against hemroids.

Best Home Remedies For Hemroids


Drink Water For HemroidsPrecaution can be very effective in case of hemroids. Sitting for a long time should be avoided even when using toilets. Another precaution that should be taken when having hemroids is eating habits, try to take rich fiber intake diets and avoid heavy and fried stuff in order to soften the stool. Drink as much water as you can because water is a very effective in softening the stool. If you follow these precautions then it will certainly give you relief from hemorrhoids.

Goat Milk

Goat Milk For HemroidsMany of you must have heard of various uses of goat milk, also it is well known fact that goat milk can be used in numbers of health related problems. Goat milk is also very effective in case of hemroids or piles.

It helps in softening stool and also it helps in easy digestion. Goat milk can also be taken with little lime juice or honey in the morning. Curd made with goat milk is another way of using it for hemroids or piles.

Vegetables Juice

Vegetables Juice For HemroidsSeveral vegetables like carrots, mint, ginger, lime, spinach can be taken in juicy form to get relief from hemroids or piles. You can mix any or all of these vegetables juice with honey and consume 1-2 times in a day for speedy recovery from bleeding piles. Also juice of these vegetables can be taken with goat milk for added advantage.


Coconut Oil For HemroidsYes it’s true you can use some oils to in case of piles or hemroids. One of the best oil is coconut oil for treating piles. Similarly you can use olive oil and too against hemroids. To use coconut oil just put few drops of it to the affected part for instant relief from itching and pain from hemroids. Similarly this will be done with olive oil too.


Honey For HemroidsHoney is a true companion of mankind that is always available for using in various physical problems. It is always advised to keep a bottle of honey in your households. The main cause of piles or hemroids is putting pressure on rectum.

Having hard stool puts pressure on rectum and resulting in bleeding piles or hemroids. Honey is best for softening stool and easing the pressure and hence providing relief in piles. For hemroids relief you can take honey with goat milk, with carrot juice, mint leaves juice or with ginger juice.

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